"Dear Customers - Please note that the USA shop will be closed starting Thursday, February 2nd with the expectation of being re-opened the first week of March. We will not be accepting orders during this time from the US shop (so as not to hold your money for weeks before delivery can be made), but US customers are still able to order from the "Rest of the World'' section of the website if you like.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding."

Please note that we are currently ramping up capabilities here in the USA to offer as many of our products as possible, to the American market. We have started with the most popular items and we hope to be frequently adding more, but in the meantime, please be aware that some items can only be purchased directly from shop.shiftinglands.com. Make sure to check out that shop as well for the full array of products.

Paladin Woodworking